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Our Services

Services to help you hear better…

We provide a wide range of services to adult and pediatric patients, including hearing tests, consultation about the best ways to treat hearing loss, free follow-up adjustments to hearing aids and related equipment provided by MOSA, hearing aids cleaning and servicing, patient education, hearing rehabilitation therapies, and ear wax removal.

And technology to help you hear better…

As hearing professionals, we recommend and provide the equipment and products that can help you hear as much as possible. Every situation, like every individual, is unique. So, we help you chose from a wide variety of sizes, styles, brands and costs of hearing aids, customized protective equipment for people who may work in loud environments, and related assistive equipment, like amplified telephones for individuals or full systems for large locations.

Among our services…

In addition to rehabilitative therapies to help you protect and maintain your hearing as much as possible, we provide a complete range of hearing assessments, ranging from simple spoken word tests to more advanced assessments. These include:

Hearing Evaluation/Audiometry which is the baseline assessment of hearing in children and adults to determine the degree and type of hearing loss. The assessment is conducted in a specially-equipped soundproof room to measure the ability to hear normal speech and to establish the overall hearing range.

Acoustic Reflex Measurement which helps assess the neurological function of the auditory system by measuring the acoustic reflex. 

Auditory Brainstem Response which assesses eighth cranial nerve and brainstem response to auditory stimulation to diagnose and evaluate the neurological integrity of the auditory brainstem pathways.

Central Auditory Processing which identifies and helps individuals who have trouble understanding speech. This assessment is done by Michigan Audiological Processing Services, in partnership with MOSA.. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact michiganauditory.com or (517) 575-8659.

Electrocochleography which enables the diagnosis, assessment, and/or monitoring of Meniere's disease.

Electronystagmography/Videonystagmography which records eye movements to assess balance disturbance in the form of dizziness, vertigo, or disequilibrium.

Otoacoustic Emissions which assesses cochlear function by measuring the acoustic energy. This test is often used for infant hearing screenings.

Tympanogram which assesses middle ear integrity and determines the degree and type of hearing loss.


Among the technology we provide…

Assistive Listening Devices Assistive listening devices, including amplified telephones and wireless transmitters, provide additional help when needed. We also provide telecoil (T-coil) systems for homes, auditoriums, classrooms, meeting rooms and similar large spaces.

Customized ear molds & protective device are designed to protect hearing and achieve acceptable noise levels for each individual, especially those who work in loud environments, like manufacturing plants and recording studios.

Hearing aids are the most common form of amplification. It’s important to note that hearing aids are designed to make normal conversational sounds more audible, but they are not “cures” for hearing loss. For example, background sounds will be de-emphasized, but cannot be eliminated.  


MOSA Hearing Aid Centers & Audiology Services is a division of Michigan Otolaryngology Surgery Associates
located on the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital campus.