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About MOSA

MOSA Hearing Aid Centers & Audiology Services was established in 1996 by board-certified otolaryngologists to help children and adults who suffer from the health and social effects of hearing loss.

Working closely with your doctor, we carefully analyze your individual situation and recommend only those treatments that are appropriate. These generally range from hearing aids and other assistive equipment, to protective equipment and rehabilitation therapies.

MOSA Audiologists are trained professionals, many with advanced degrees. Because of our education and experience, we are uniquely able to determine the extent of any hearing loss, the potential for loss, and the appropriate treatments and equipment.

We also help you protect your hearing from further deterioration through education about what affects your hearing, as well as the proper use and care of hearing protection devices. 

"Our goal as Audiologists is to help you hear better and protect against hearing loss. As a medically-based practice, we use our training, experience and expertise to help identify and treat hearing loss through assistive and hearing protection devices, education, and rehabilitation therapies."

Dr. Joel Stutz
Director, MOSA Hearing Aid Centers & Audiology Services



In most cases, hearing aids are not covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or insurance. However, some insurance policies may cover some of the treatment. We suggest you consult your policy or insurance agent for your specific coverage. We will work with you to see if you have insurance coverage for hearing aids and assistive equipment.

MOSA Hearing Aid Centers & Audiology Services is a division of Michigan Otolaryngology Surgery Associates
located on the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital campus.