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Welcome to MOSA Hearing Aid Centers & Audiology Services

We welcome all adults and children who may need digital hearing aids or other rehabilitative and assistive technology to improve your quality of life. A trained Audiologist at MOSA Hearing Aid Centers & Audiology Services, a medically-based practice, will evaluate your hearing and recommend the help you may need.

At our offices in Ann Arbor, Brighton, Canton, Chelsea and Saline, we provide comprehensive hearing tests, hearing aids, rehabilitative therapies and related assistive technology for telephones, televisions and other electronic equipment.

If you work in a loud environment, like a factory or in a music group, we also work closely with you to preserve and protect your hearing. Often, proper protective equipment and counseling will reduce the need for a hearing aid later in life.

MOSA Hearing Aid Centers & Audiology Services.

We help you improve your hearing, and improve your life. 

News & Notes....  

We are now part of the University of Michigan Premier Care System.



    We sell and service all leading brands of
    hearing aids, including:

    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    MOSA Hearing Aid Centers & Audiology Services is a division of Michigan Otolaryngology Surgery Associates
    located on the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital campus.